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Cito dal sito ufficiale FTA Europe:
"FTA Europe was founded at the beginning of 2015, after a series of 6-monthly meetings of European national flexo associations held since 2013. FTA Europe was founded as an 'ASBL' association according to Belgian Law and has its registered address a the offices
of Intergraf, the European printing and media industry umbrella. The Founding members are ATEF (Spain), ATF (France), ATIF (Italy), EFIA (United Kingdom) and EFTA Benelux. Membership is open to the representative national flexo associations in Europe. 
It is jointly managed by Beatrice Klose (Secretary-General, Intergraf and 'Brussels' liaison) and Jules Lejeune (Managing Director, Lejeune Association Managent and labels and packaging converting liaison).
The association is governed by a Board presently consisting of the following officers:
Sante Conselvan, President (ATIF, Italy)
Wim Buyle, Vice-President (EFTA Benelux)
Debbie Waldron-Hoines, Treasurer (EFIA) 
FTA Europe has set up three committees:
1. Education Committee (coordinator Debbie Waldron-Hoines)
2. Technical Committee (coordinator Sante Conselvan)
3. Marketing Committee (coordinator Wim Buyle)"

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