Anche voi commettete questi 10 errori nel comunicare i vostri colori aziendali?

"Why most Brand Manuals fail when it comes to defining Brand Colors; And how to determine acceptable Color Deviations for specific Brand Colors."

In questo interessante scritto il prof. Michael Abildgaard Pedersen ci spiega quali errori commettono solitamente i brand owners nel comunicare alla filiera i loro colori aziendali.

Cito dal documento:
"1.1.5 PROBLEM FIVE: CMYK? – Why specific CMYK-values? Another problem with defining a Brand Color with specific values for C, M, Y and K (like Figure 1; C0, M60, Y100, K0) is that this color only accidentally will be produced with those values – for many reasons. It is well known in the Graphic Arts Industry, that if you send the same set of CMYK-combination to different printers and printing presses they would all produce different colors (Sharma, 2004; Richard, et al., 2008). In a normal Color Managed workflow the Brand Color will be converted by using relevant ICCprofiles with different rendering intents, black generation and tone value increase correction curves. In some cases some sort of Ink Saving processing will also be applied. Thus the CMYK-values will be changed to match the current situation. So, why provide specific CMYK-values?"


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